Jim van Dijk Creations


 Jim van Dijk Creations is a versatile company and supplies all kinds of products or services for theme parks, escape rooms, museums, exhibitions, film or business companies. For example: Lifelike animal models, rock work for animal enclosures, decoration work in amusement parks, custom-made products for escape rooms or unique sculptures for business companies.




Jim van Dijk Creations is a company that works with passion to perform every task. With good communication between the customer and our company, we understand your ideas and wishes and use them to create great products from the concept design to the finished product.




Jim van Dijk Creations was founded in 2015 by Jim van Dijk. At a young age he had a passion for designing and building carnival floats. After working as a carpenter for 4 years, he wanted to take on a new challenge and develop himself further as an artist. He wanted to use his creativity in his work.


Jim started a new study to educate himself more and had the chance to work as an intern at Efteling, where he learned basic sculpting and molding skills. After discovering his talent for sculpting, Jim began to train himself so that he could become an all-round artist. After graduating from industrial design school, he worked at different companies and improves himself every day. Now Jim is busy with his passion every day in his own company: Jim van Dijk Creations.




You can always contact us, whether it is a large or a small project. We look forward to helping you bring your vision to life.